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Weekly Recommendation

This week’s Friday recommendation is a documentary on HBO, titled The Perfect Weapon, it takes a deep look into cyberwarfare and the future of international relations, elections, and free speech as a result. A little dark and ominous the film provides a look into today’s reality as well as what may be instore for our futures.

To offset the dark mood set by this documentary I would also recommend you check out the jazz ensemble band Snarky Puppy, in particular their song Lingus! Their YouTube video is also a good watch as the ensemble plays this study recording in one take (a technique not frequently practiced today!) Regardless, enjoy the weekend and keep an eye out for next week’s letter, Wednesday, 12/9/2020 at 11am! And as always, if you have enjoyed our content so far, please share with your friends and family and tell them to subscribe so that they keep receiving our weekly newsletter and recommendations!

Ben Velardi, Author/Founder

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