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Weekly Recommendation

Welcome to Friday! Let’s dive right into our weekly recommendation. This week’s recommendation is one I have been anticipating for the last 4 years. Former President Barack Obama released the first volume of his memoirs this week. Titled A Promised Land, this volume covers Obama’s early life leading into his political career and his first term in the oval office. Taking a deep and intimate dive into his personal thoughts and feelings about this time period, Obama is surprisingly detailed in his description and commentary. To hear him speak about his book I recommend Episode 11 of Season 1 of Oprah’s show on Apple TV+ where over the course of an hour and 15-minute interview, former President Obama and Oprah take a deep dive into the writing and thoughts behind the book.

Secondly, it has been very exciting and humbling to watch this newsletter grow. We at The Political Muse continue to strive to provide quality content and compelling reporting while keeping in mind our mission to provide readers the tools and information required to critically examine and contemplate the world around them. If you have enjoyed this newsletter and believe in that mission, I would ask you to please continue to share our letters and encourage your friends and family to subscribe as it remains free!

Thank you,

Ben Velardi, Author/Founder

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