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Weekly Recommendation

For our second round in our series of Friday recommendations we have two, more mainstream picks. They are popular and compelling but both fictional.

First, The Queens Gambit. A fictional series that follows a young female chess prodigy as she grows both in her game and through life. In a recent phone call with my mother she aptly put that The Queens Gambit has such a compelling plot with the intricacies and character development of a true-life story that in fact, it’s easy to get attached to the characters in a way that one might get in a gritty biographical series. While there is some explicit content and adult story lines The Queens Gambit remains a newly minted must watch on Netflix.

Secondly, for those of whom are a fan of Star Wars, The Mandalorian is returning for its second season on Disney+ today. The miniseries is well written, with likeable characters such as “Baby Yoda” and the Mandalorian bounty hunter. It is a family appropriate show that will captivate the interest of adults and children alike. Explore the exciting and fascinating world of the Star Wars galaxy with the return of this fan favorite!

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