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Allow me to reintroduce myself

We have exciting news! In just a few short months our readership has more than doubled! It includes folks from all walks of life from retired teachers, accountants, graduate students and healthcare workers. There has been an outpouring of support and most recently a substantial increase in our subscribers. After discussions with our team, I thought that this Sunday would be a great time to reintroduce our letter, myself and our mission as well as highlight some changes and improvements that will be coming in the next few weeks so that you can know what to expect from us!

Who are we?

My name is Ben, I am the founder and main author of The political Muse. By trade I work as a nurse practitioner in emergency medicine and have additional education in public health. I am a two-time small business founder, technological enthusiast, fitness junkie and most importantly husband! I am lucky to have a great team around me that includes a fantastic editor, friends and family, as well as my readers! You all provide great feedback and have interesting thoughts on each week’s letters and have truly become a part of the team!

I started this newsletter based on a few founding principles; people tend to agree on right vs wrong if they can agree on what is actually happening around them, our political policies are becoming more complex to understand and lastly, science, technology, and health are being impacted by or are impacting those policies in a larger and larger way. Our purpose is to try and provide readers the tools and information needed to help them understand and decipher the world around them. We are not here to tell you how to think or what to support, but rather to illuminate the driving forces behind our world and provide you with explanations and background information on the week’s topic so that you can stay informed! Think of this as your own personally curated mini lesson each week. Designed to explore various impactful topics, our hope is to help broaden everyone’s world view, which selfishly includes mine!

What can you expect from us?

After receiving some feedback, we will be publishing a newsletter every Wednesday that covers a topic related to health, science, education, technology or policy. Expect it in your inbox at 11am! Additionally, we will send out a weekly recommendation letter on Friday of each week, that will provide suggestions of various forms of media for you to enjoy! For example, a new Netflix show, a podcast episode or documentary. I personally consume large amounts of various media weekly and feel that there is some really great content out there that should be shared! Occasionally, we are lucky enough to have a guest author tell their story or write an opinion piece in a longer narrative form. These special editions will occur sporadically throughout the year and will be published on Sundays! Don’t worry, there will be an announcement within the weekly recommendation, so you know when to expect these special editions!

Finally, our goal is to provide you with high quality, stimulating content and reporting each week. We love receiving your feedback and welcome any comments, thoughts or suggestions you may have! Hearing our readers’ thoughts allows us to better align with our mission and purpose and is always welcome. If you enjoy our letter and the content provided, I would ask that you share with your friends and family and tell them to subscribe so that we can continue to grow our reach and impact more communities!

Welcome, we are excited to have you join us weekly!

Ben Velardi, Author/Founder

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