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Think About It...

Think About It… Happy 2021! For the start of the year I want to step away from political policy and focus on a health topic this week....

Weekly Recommendation

This week’s Friday recommendation is a documentary on HBO, titled The Perfect Weapon, it takes a deep look into cyberwarfare and the...

Weekly Recommendation

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to another Friday! This week’s recommendation is a new podcast from actress Rashida Jones and tech...

Transition of Power

One of the most wonderful, unique and inspiring aspects of being an American citizen is watching the peaceful transition of power from...

Weekly Recommendation

Welcome to Friday! Let’s dive right into our weekly recommendation. This week’s recommendation is one I have been anticipating for the...

Weekly Recommendation

Welcome to Friday! You made it! This week’s recommendation is a mini-series on Netflix called The Spy. It follows an Israeli man in the...

Senate Control VIA Runoff

Senate Control VIA Runoff Behind the Presidential race there was also a senate race that would decide control of the senate… until it...

Weekly Recommendation

Weekly Recommendation, This week’s recommendation is a podcast from The New York Times hosted by Kara Swisher. Sway examines “power” and...

Winner Take Some

Within the majority of the U.S. voters get to cast 1 ballot vote for each position up for election. In this system the candidate with the...

Weekly Recommendation

For our second round in our series of Friday recommendations we have two, more mainstream picks. They are popular and compelling but both...

National Digital Currency

National Digital Currency You could soon be paying your mortgage in bitcoin, or USCoin rather. Your groceries may be charged to your...

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